NZ govt has reopened the submissions period regarding their Threat Management Plan (TMP) for the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins.

So we have until mid-November to collect as many "Let's Face It" Visual Petitions as possible. Let's show them through our global campaign that the WORLD IS WATCHING!!!

We need EVERYONE with cameras to mobilize! Bring an image of a Maui's/Hector's Dolphin along with you everywhere and collect Visual Petitions. We can do this! Some "Visual Petition Collectors" have gathered 20-30 in one event. Dove Joans (in the video) actually has been going to various events and collected over 1,300.

There's just 3 easy steps.

Start with step 1 to download an image.You can do this on your own, or working in teams of 2-3 people works well for collecting many Visual Petitions:

  1. "Ambassadors": 1-2 persons briefly explain the situation of the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins and "Let's Face It" campaign.
  2. "Photographer": When people agree to have their photo taken, person with camera will take photos while the Ambassadors go on to the next person to explain.

Please BE A VOICE (actually a FACE) through our "Let's Face It" Visual Petition Campaign for the Critically Endangered Maui's and Hector's Dolphins of New Zealand



Start here at Step 1


"Every Kiwi (New Zealander) should see this, John Wathen's eyewitness account of the Gulf of Mexico"
Devastating Offshore Oil Threat to NZ waters and ALL marine life, including the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins!!!

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