We've Tried & Tried! What To Do When They Just Won't Listen?!

It is more than evident that unless the current government is VOTED OUT, the last 55 Maui's Dolphins could become EXTINCT less than two decades from now.

Let's Face It is urging all NZ citizens to vote to replace the current government, with leadership that vows to protect the New Zealand Dolphins and their habitat.

Please URGE ALL of your NZ family & friends to exercise their power of the VOTE!!! Give PM John Key, Min. Simon Bridges, Min. Nick Smith, and the whole lot the BIG BOOT!

NZ "VOTER’S GUIDE FOR THRIVING DOLPHINS AND SEAS": https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B19QDNSTiDiUUW1QTURfczBFaTQ/edit
Election day in NZ is 20 September 2014. You can enrol on the 19th but your name will not appear on the printed electoral roll.

General Election info: www.elections.org.nz/events/2014-general-election
For NZ citizens OVERSEAS: http://www.elections.org.nz/voters/get-ready-enrol-and-vote/enrol-and-vote-overseas
Enrol NZ Free phone: 0800 36 76 56

"Every Kiwi (New Zealander) should see this, John Wathen's eyewitness account of the Gulf of Mexico"
Devastating Offshore Oil Threat to NZ waters and ALL marine life, including the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins!!!

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