Whales & Dolphins Ambassador Program

As an extension of the Origami Whales Project

the Whales and Dolphins Ambassador Program offers the opportunity for children and teens to become educated on anthropogenic (human-caused) threats to cetaceans and their ocean habitats. Students become empowered to protect all connected marine wildlife and their habitat through art action letters and by applying artistic skills to crafting sustainable alternatives to some of these threats which include solid, chemical, and noise pollution, bycatch, entanglement, climate change, and ocean acidification, and whaling. We also discuss ethics, cetacean captivity, and current movement towards a Declaration of Cetacean Rights. The goal of this program is to increase awareness of our impact on the environment, and to instill a need for stewardship of all life on Earth through caring for cetaceans, their fellow beings, and ocean habitats....

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"Every Kiwi (New Zealander) should see this, John Wathen's eyewitness account of the Gulf of Mexico"
Devastating Offshore Oil Threat to NZ waters and ALL marine life, including the Maui's & Hector's Dolphins!!!

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