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Origami Whales Project - Peggy OkiThe Origami Whales Project began in Spring 2004 in response to the urgent need to raise awareness concerning the ever-increasing threat by the whaling nations towards the return of IWC sanctioned commercial whaling.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ click on the Opinion poll at lefthand column of this article. "Is the Government doing enough to protect Maui's dolphins?"



Dove JoansThanks to Dove Joans for "Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves"


Memuco for Maui's Dolphin"50 million years in the making. And 2 decades to destroy it. we have years only to protect and save it."

Guillermo Munro Colosio


William Trubrigde ~ Deep Thoughts


55 and Counting by ©Asher Jay 2012, an original work created to raise awareness about the dwindling count of Maui Dolphins in New Zealand’s waters.



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